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Blow the anti-epidemic assembly call! OK produces 200 sets of mask production equipment per month!

Since Academician Zhong Nanshan announced the human-to-human infection of  new coronavirus on CCTV on January 20, 2020, the epidemic has affected the hearts of 1.4 billion Chinese people. While paying attention to the epidemic, everyone has begun to pay attention to the health and safety of themselves and their families. On January 21, Hubei masks were out of stock, and then mask are in short supply across the country, and they were out of stock, causing fakes to flood the market.

In 2019, the output of disposable masks in China was 4.5 billion pieces per year, with an average of 3.2 masks per capita per year. As the Chinese people do not have the habit of using masks on a daily basis, most of our country’s masks are exported. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus , almost everyone who can buy masks wears masks daily. This incident has sounded a wake-up call for people and raised their awareness of self-protection. The use of disposable masks will also become a norm state. In the future, the demand for disposable masks in my country is 51.1 billion, shortfall 46.6 billion based on the use of one per capita in 10 days, which means that demand will increase by more than 10 times this year and in the future.

Ok Technology-China’s leading tissue equipment supplier, once again renew a record!

the first company of the industry take the lead in donating RMB 1 million in cash.

the first company of the industry research and develop disposable mask production line, disposable mask single-piece, bundling bag, cartoning and case packing production line.

In response to the call of the party and the government, the OK people worked day and night to fight against the new coronavirus epidemic and finally realized the ability to produce 200 sets of mask production equipment per month to meet the rigid demand of the market.

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Post time: Sep-21-2020