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OK-602 Type Horizontal Pushing Type Facial Tissue Packing Machine

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Model & Main Technical Parameters

Model OK-602F Type OK-602E Type OK-602C Larger Type
Outline Dimension(mm) 3560x5885x1925 3560x5885x1925 3560x5885x2050
Speed(bags/min) ≤75 ≤120 ≤75
Packing size(mm) (100-230)x(100-150)x(40-100) (100-230)x(100-150)x(40-100) (100-230)x(100-150)x(40-100)
Machine’s Weight(KG) 3800 4000 4000
Power Supply 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Power Consumption(KW) 7.26 8.26 7.26
Packing Film CPPˎPEˎOPP/CPPˎPT/PE and double-side heat sealing film

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