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OK-908D Type Facial Tissue Big Bag Bundler Packing Machine

Short Description:

Product Detail

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Main Performance And Structure Features

1.This machine is designed for big bag facial tissue’ s bundler packing, which fill in the domestic industrial blank of automatic bundler package.

2.It adopts servo motor driving, touching screen and PLC controlling system. Machine automatically completes products from the automatic feeding, stacking, arranging.

3. High degree of automation, it really solves the problem of unnecessary operators and the high labor cost.

4.Packing film can be roll film with double-side heat sealing function.

5.Machine with exchanging function between precast bag and roll film can be customized according to customer’ s requirement.

Machine's Layout

OK-908D layout

Model & Main Technical Parameters



Packing Speed(bags/min)


Packing Size L x W x H(mm)


Power Supply

380V 50Hz

Total Power (KW)


Compressed air pressure (MPA)


Main body outline dimension(mm)


Machine’s Weight (KW)


Packing Film

Roll film or precast bag

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