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OK-120 Type High Speed Square Tissue Production Line

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Main Performance And Structure Features

1.Adopting Linear structure layout,Continuous folding, packaging, Beautiful appearance, smooth packaging, firm and reliable structure

2.Constant tension control raw paper’s running, step-less regulation polishing speed for tissue.

3.Adopt BST raw paper automatic traverse rectifying, mini-type and standard-type tissue’s package are applicable.

4.Programmable controller to control intensively, operate by touch screen, with the function of displaying failure and warning,automatically stopping and protection, statistics data.

5.Paper size and quantity of each bag can be made according to the customer’s demand. Such as paper size can be 200mm×200mm,210 ×210mm etc, quantity of each bag 25、26、28 pieces etc.

6.Other selective functions: embossing roller, perforation device ,also can be matched our Square tissue bundling packing machine

Model & Main Technical Parameters



Designing Speed(sheet/min)


Working Speed(sheet/min)


Raw paper specification(mm)


Raw paper diameter(mm)

Raw paper diameter:1500

Raw paper inner diameter:76

Raw paper(mm)

3.5-15.0GSM 3/4 Ply   18GSM 2 Ply

Specification after folding(mm)

Length:100±2mm,Width:72mm (Depend on Raw paper size)



Outline Dimension


Machine’s Weight(kg)


Power (kw)


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