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OK-400B Type Full-Auto Box Tissue Shrink Bundling Packing Machine

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Main Performance And Structure Features

1.This machine is designed for box tissue shrink bundling package.

2.Vertical system driving for sealing blade to ensure sealing line straight and durable.

3.Adopt edge sealing design,product’s length can be adjusted freely.

4.Sealing line height can be adjusted freely according to product’s height

Model & Main Technical Parameters

Model OK-400B
Packing Speed(cases/min) ≤40
Main body outline dimension(mm) L1850xW1450xH1400
Machine Weight(KG) 800
Power Supply 380V/50Hz
Total Power Supply(KW) 6KW
Max Package Size L(unlimited)x(W+H)≤450 (H≤150mm)
Blade Size(mm) W:490mm
Packing Film POF ˎ PVC folio film

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