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OK-FQ-4000,3600,2900Type High speed Jumbo Roll Slitting Rewinder

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Product Detail

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Model & Main Technical Parameters



Jumbo roll width(mm)

According to customer’s requirement ,Max width is 4.5m

Machine’s Speed


Finished roll diameter(mm)

≤1500mm (Other size should be customized)

Slitting width(mm)

Min is 80mm,Max width is jumbo roll width

Finished roll core inner diameter(mm)

Φ76.2mm(Other size should be customized)

Max Jumbo roll diameter


Jumbo roll core inner diameter

Φ76mm(Other side to order)

Rewinding system

Pneumatic Timing rewinding

Slitting system

Import brand upper cutting system

Discharging system

Automatic discharging

Programmable controller

Motion control system


180 KW(Depend on specification)

Pneumatic System

5HP Air Compressor,Min Air Pressure 6kg/Pa(provided by client)


Calendering unit: steel to steel,steel to rubber

Tail Collection system

Unwind stand :1-4 set(appointed)

Proper for slit sanitary textile

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