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OK-903E Type Multi-function Toilet Tissue Bundling Packing Machine

Short Description:

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Main performance and structure features:

1. This machine adopts the most advanced multi-lanes feeding system, product accumulation is enough, any feeding lanes can combine and speed is fast;

2.Adopting a circular pusher, improving the packaging speed greatly;

3.Adopting full servo motor to control the bag opening, bag expanding ,make the actions more efficient;

4.Wide packing range can meet the current main toilet tissue bundling packaging.

Machine Layout :


Model & Main Technical Parameters:

Model OK-903E
Speed(bags/min) ≤40
Packing size(mm) (120-720)×(120-480)×(80-300)
Packing arrangement form (1-2)row×(3-6)line×(1-3)layer
Outline dimension 8500×5500×2600mm
Machine’s Weight(KG) 8000
Compressed air pressure(MPA) 0.6
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Total power Supply(KW) 28
Packing Film PE precast bag

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