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OK-602K Type Full Servo High Speed Facial Tissue Single Packing Machine

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It is suitable for automatic film packing of facial tissue, square tissue, napkin, etc.

Main Performance And Structure Features

1. It adopts the packing form of film wrapping, folding and sealing, which is compact and beautiful;

2.Adopt touch screen, PLC control system. The display of the human-machine interface is clearer and maintenance more convenient;

3.Full servo control, one-button adjustment of specifications, intelligent operation of one button Change the specifications;

4.Automatic feeding and discharging conveyor tail-stock for automatic production line connection;

5.High degree of automation, professionalism, high production efficiency and low failure rate;

6.Wide range of packaging and fast switch between various sizes;

7.Adding left and right rectification and upper and lower shaping mechanisms to avoid the appearance of tissue Bad head, parallelogram, trapezoidal and other bad conditions. tissue appearance after packaging Will be more square and beautiful.

Machine's Layout

OK-602K layout

Model & Main Technical Parameters

Model OK-602K
Speed(bags/min) ≤150
Main body outline dimension(mm) 3700x1160x1780
Packing size(mm) (100-130)x(100-150)x(40-100)
Machine’s Weight(KG) 3500
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Power Consumption (KW) 16
Packing Film CPP ˎPE ˎ OPP/CPPˎ PT/PE double-side heat sealing film

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